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Great Service!

Should have written this last year. Had drainage issues with heavy rains. Called a few places who wanted to put drains INSIDE the house for lots of money when it obviously wasn't a water table problem. So I called these guys and Byron came out and offered a solution to move water away from the outside of the house.No more drainage problems at a reasonable price. Great service!

Excess Water from Down Spouts Solved!

Byron and his team fixed a problem of excess water draining next to my foundation because of another company moving downspouts that just drained onto the ground and not into the sewer/water system. Byron and team did excellent work (and it was a very rainy day) by connecting the downspouts into a drainage system installed underground and connecting the sump pump evacuation to that same system, then cleaned up the site very nicely when the job was done and were also friendly and professional. The job also included repairs to two minor cracks in the foundation - the repairs were done so well that I had a hard time finding where the cracks had been! At the last moment, I asked if a noisy sump pump situation could be looked at; no problem! They took care of the problem quickly! Byron and his team are very knowledgeable and professional in their field of expertise. I highly recommend this company and will not hesitate to contact them again, should I ever need further work done. I will also be telling family, friends, co-workers and neighbors about the very positive experience I have had doing business with Masonry Waterproofing & Drainage Masters and how happy I am with their work! Thanks Guys!!

Courteous, professional and cleaned up after themselves and the work was high quality.

Masonry, Waterproofing & Drainage Masters has helped me to assess basement water issues on more than one occasion. Most recently, during the sale of our home, the inspector found water seepage in our basement after a heavy rain on the date of the homes inspection. Needless to say, this discovery caused a good deal of stress and could have caused the sale to fall through. I called Byron out and he made time in his schedule to come out and take a look the same day. Given the unique layout of the backyard of our house and the fact that we have a finished basement, it was not possible to determine the precise cause of the leak with a visual inspection. Byron identified potential causes and recommended several tests we could conduct to help determine the cause of the seepage that did not involve tearing out drywall to look for cracks before we resorted to cutting holes in the drywall. He also indicated that, depending on the problem and needed solution, his company might not be the most price competitive to fix the problem. I really appreciated his honesty and council during this very stressful time. I got opinions from a couple of other basement waterproofing companies who provided estimates ranging from $6000 to repair a possible crack to $30,000 to install an interior tile drain system. During the week in which I was trying to assess the problem, during the Thanksgiving holiday, Byron and I spoke multiple times on the phone and he came out to the house three times. We ended up installing a drain on our own (homeowner repair) that connects to the sewer outflow pipe on our own and, after that, we didn't spot any more seepage. We were able to sell the house without having a contractor perform a major repair. We appreciate that Byron did not try to sell us on a potentially costly fix right off the back and was available to aid in the diagnosis of the problem. It's not often you encounter contractors (or people in general) with the kind of integrity that Byron and his team demonstrated. We used Masonry Waterproofing & Drainage Masters previously on a exterior foundation repair work - the workers were courteous, professional and cleaned up after themselves and the work was high quality. I highly recommend this company - they won't sell you on an expensive repair you don't need and their customer service is outstanding. Thank you, Byron!

Old basement fireplace leak fixed

I called Byron at Masonry Masters this past weekend when I had some water intrusion, after a very heavy rain, in my basement in an area they had worked on about 16 months ago. Our house was built in 1911 and has an old blocked-up, non-working basement fireplace. The work that was done last year was to re-chink and water proof the chimney itself, and the work was well done.Byron came out this morning and, after assessing inside and outside of the fireplace, suggested that they dig farther down around the base of the fireplace and seal the bottom 12 inches that included the old ash removal door and a portion of the foundation wall that has a heat pump pipe entering into it.Byron said he would work me into the schedule and I was thinking two weeks out, if I was lucky.To my surprise his crew came out later in the day and within two hours the work was done. I watched them closely and they did a very thorough, clean, professional job. They also made some suggestions about removing some old river rock and changing the soil grade away from the house.I appreciated their quick response and hopefully this repair solves the problem. If not, I know that Byron will know what to do.

Thorough and Professional

We recently moved into an older home in Portland, where the sellers had had extensive and expensive work done to stop seepage after the heavy rains of December 2015. Unfortunately, we found water to still be seeping in. Byron came out, looked at the situation, and said "I can't tell you what to do, because I don't know where the water is coming from." He made some suggestions, starting with an easy, inexpensive one (redirect the downspout away from the house), and suggested some diagnostics. We did the diagnostics, found a hole in the basement wall the previous contractor had somehow missed, and let Byron know. Even after this, he suggested some more tests to conduct to make sure it was the only likely source of the seepage. Once verified, he was out with a quote, and the work was done 2 days later. The workers, Adam and Gabriel, were very careful as they worked around the outside plants and indoors. Everyone else we called and who came out proposed their solutions, never looking to see, or suggesting how to find, the actual source. This solution was less than 10% of the others' prices. I would definitely recommend them, and have confidence that what they propose will address the underlying problem, and is not a generic one-size-fits-all solution.

Highly Recommend

The crew worked very hard digging up the dirt and applying waterproofing material and vapor barrier around the foundation. They also applied waterproof material to the inside of the foundation walls. They were very efficient, professional and friendly. I highly recommend this company.

These guys were great! I had them come out and put in a new drain system for all of my downspouts on my house. They brought way more people that I thought they would and completed the work in under 4 hours. They cleaned up so well after themselves, the only sign you could tell they were here was some extra dirt they had to spread out under my tree. I would highly recommend you give these guys a call for a bid if you have any sort of drainage or foundation issues.

Foundation Repairs

I called Marc out of desperation to do a rush job on my spalling foundation walls.Inspection was nigh .He came right out the same day and gave me a bid.His sincere demeanor and expertise proved me right in judging his professionalism.They were on time and amazingly tidy(unlike most workers who do this type of work).And BEST of all, I was able to interact with his beautiful Goldens!!! Made my day...Thankyou Marc

As a newcomer to Portland, I was inexperienced with the problem of a leaky
basement. After doing some investigation on the web and interviewing several contractors, I decided to hire Byron to fix the problem. I couldn't be more
pleased with the outcome. Bryon combines an impressive knowledge in solving
the most complicated water leaks with a casual professionalism that both he and his team demonstrated. Everyone on Bryon's team was polite, friendly and an expert at what they do. I felt totally taken care of and my expectations were far exceeded.

Good masonry company - fair prices

Had them do some work to my chimney. They showed up on time, were neat and orderly in how they worked, and cleaned up after themselves- something that was lacking in the past with others. I would recommend them. Good company to have work done.

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