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Chimney with smoke coming out of it. Chimney cap Repair by Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Chimney Crown Repair

Your chimney cap and chimney crown are the first line of defense against water leaks and animal intrusions. If they become damaged water can seep inside of your chimney and cause it to deteriorate.

Masonry Waterproofing & Drainage Masters can help make your chimney last for decades with our chimney cap repair and chimney crown repair services.

Chimney Cap vs Chimney Crown

Your chimney cap is an attachment, typically made of metal, that covers the flue opening to keep debris and pests out.

Your chimney crown or chimney wash, on the other hand is a concrete slab that sits at the top of your chimney. It helps prevent water from seeping into the mortar and brick that make up your chimney. Your chimney crown can crack over time, allowing water to seep into your chimney, so it’s important to have it sealed and repaired before the bricks become loose and your chimney starts to fall apart.

Chimney Crown Repair

If your chimney crown is damaged or cracked, rainwater can seep into your chimney’s masonry affecting its structural integrity. We can repair or seal your chimney crown to help prevent your chimney from deteriorating. Neglecting to repair a failing chimney crown can lead to costly repairs or even an entire chimney replacement.

Chimney Cap Repair

If your chimney cap has merely blown loose because of high winds, you may need repairs. An inspection by one of our Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters experts will show whether your chimney cap can be repaired or whether you should replace the chimney cap entirely.

If your chimney cap is damaged or bent beyond repair, it really needs to be replaced. It’s a crucial part of the chimney system that should always be in place to prevent clogs and rain access.

Professional Chimney Crown and Chimney Cap Services

Your chimney crown and chimney cap are vital in keeping your chimney structurally sound. Over time, your chimney crown may begin to crack or high winds may cause damage to your chimney cap. Our team of professionals can effectively repair and seal both your chimney cap and chimney crown. We also provide sealant waterproofing to prevent moisture from seeping in through the concrete.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our chimney repair services or to make an appointment for a consultation. We proudly serve the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area.

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Chimney Cap Repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas

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