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Clifford F. Avatar
Clifford F.
Byron was great to work with. Job scope was clear, pricing was very reasonable and crew was efficient and completed the job as scoped. Recommend for structural and drainage services!
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Garrett Q. Avatar
Garrett Q.
We were having some serious leaking issues into our basement . Byron and team did an inspection and installed a new downspout. This completely solved our problem and we had no leaks over a very rainy winter. Greatly recommended; fast, affordable, and easy to work with. They also did not try to up-charge us on more expensive solutions that would have been overkill for our problem.
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Kathryn A. Avatar
Kathryn A.
After finding standing water in the basement, I had Masonry Waterproofing and Drainage Masters out to my property. Rather than selling a "system" the owner took the time to properly diagnose the problem, which was related to a blocked drain. I appreciate his honesty and integrity. Good small business.
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Jason B. Avatar
Jason B.
Michael came out and reviewed the minor issue I was having. He made some recommendations for other cheaper, easier solutions as the problem wasn't that big. Never tried sell any unnecessary fixes which is always appreciated. Will have them do anything in the future when I need waterproofing.
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Anne H. Avatar
Anne H.
5 star rating
I needed my basement waterproofed from the outside. MWDM gave me a reasonable quote, also including some chimney maintenance. I liked Mike the estimator, he seemed down to earth and knowledgeable. Not a high-powered sales pitch, like a lot of estimators will use on you. The crew had to dig down to the bottom of the foundation from the outside of the house on 2 1/2 sides. They cleaned the walls, covered them with skim coat, then tar, then waterproofing compound, then another layer of tar, then a rubberized sheet stuck on top of that. They also had to tear out two existing brick staircases to the porches. It was a lot of work on 90+ degree days, digging up tree roots and through really hard ground that had been compacted under the bricks. The crew was really nice and Rich, the supervisor & Mike the masonry guy was easy to talk to. They patiently answered all my questions. I can't speak to how well the waterproofing actually works, because it hasn't started raining yet. They gave me a 20-yr warranty and I feel confident that they'll fix anything that is a problem.
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Simon T. Avatar
Simon T.
5 star rating
In the last 10 years we've remodeled 3 houses. I rarely end a relationship with a trade on a high note. Byron and his team grafted until the last 1% was complete, and I didn't once have to chase them. Byron has a rare team of dedicated individuals who are hard working, consistently on time and really nice people to have at your home. Our project wasn't small by any means. We had a full excavation of our basement perimeter to waterproof the exterior. Interior sump pump solutions didn't gel with me at all and I was glad to find a Portland company that didn't want to take the easy option. I really cannot say enough about Byron and his team. They didn't just meet my expectations. That went that little bit further. Good job team and thank you!!! If your looking to have Byron and his team conduct any form of work for you. Please do so with confidence.
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Heather M. Avatar
Heather M.
I hired Masonry Masters to do various foundation repairs, install new foundation drains and new downspout diverters. Byron, Rich, Andy and crew were professional, efficient, and conscientious throughout the entire project. They were able to do all the work within budget and amazingly fast for the amount of items that needed to be done. I'm very pleased with the results and highly recommend this talented, knowledgable, hard-working team of people.
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Kaitlyn F. Avatar
Kaitlyn F.
Byron, Andy and their team recently replaced and fortified several beams, brackets, and footings at our *new* (100 year old) house. I can't describe how pleased we are with their work! The basement looks almost like a brand new space and we feel secure knowing that the old (rotting) are out. The team was friendly, professional, and very helpful, explaining the work as it progressed and cleaning up after themselves. They were also kind enough to address some last minute drainage issues that we identified at the end of the work. We will definitely be working with Byron and the Masonry Waterproofing team again
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Chris P. Avatar
Chris P.
I was getting water in my basement occasionally during a heavy rain. I had Byron and some other companies come out for solutions. Most had very expensive proposals (inside demo, sump pump), but Bryon inspected and suggested eliminating causes - he had me run water through nearby downspouts and it turns out a plugged drain was causing water to build up. Fixing just this could potentially save thousands. Thanks Byron!
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Lindy B. Avatar
Lindy B.
I am so thrilled with the result of the work done to fix the top of my half-basement retaining wall -- the top of it was crumbling while the face of it was mostly intact. Byron in an incredibly thoughtful guy -- thinking through the challenges and offering up a creative and SOLID solution at 1/3 less the cost of another company. Andy and the team did excellent work, efficiently and without my needing to clean up after them. I highly recommend MW&DM and will call them for any other relevant needs.
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Bronson G. Avatar
Bronson G.
5 star rating
From the time my wife and I first met with Mike K. to discuss our foundation and roof drainage remediation project I was impressed with his demeanor, willingness to listen and timeliness. The staff that executed the work was impressively fast. The MWDM crew works HARD. They are efficient and well staffed (as many as 7 people on site and no one standing around). The price was very fair for the extensive hand digging needed and the work came with a 20 year warranty. They even completed some work outside the scope with no additional service fees (industry standard would usually be otherwise) This is the second job we have hired them for and I'd be confident in seeking a 3rd one if needed. Well done!
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Laura S.
This is a great company and awesome team! They provided me with a solution to a long time issue with rain water seeping in to a crack in my basement wall and also directed my downspout away from the house. I kept putting off calling anyone for fear the costs. The price was more than reasonable and the work was done professionally in just one day. It's such a relief to have this problem fixed.
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Elena M. Avatar
Elena M.
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Brad Noonan
Byron and Andy have helped us multiple times with drainage and gutter work. Most recently Andy came out during the peak of busy season for a simple service call as i was having a few issues with gutter leakage. Andy came out within a few days of me reaching out with the problem. Quick, easy and honest service all around - won't be calling anyone else. Thank you!
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Barbara O. Avatar
Barbara O.
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Zach P. Avatar
Zach P.
Our foundation repair turned out great. Masonry Masters suggested the repair route rather than trying to sell us a full on foundation replacement that we didn't need, and I really appreciated that approach. Scheduling was easy. The crew was fast and ready to be flexible when they ran into some tougher than expected spots to repair. They also answered all my questions and gave us good advice on how to paint and preserve the repair foundation. I've already referred Masonry Masters to a couple friends based on our experience.
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Loren C. Avatar
Loren C.
My basement flooded. John's Waterproofing and Terra Firma gave me quotes from between $6,500-11,000 for doing a full on demo and waterproofing of my basement. When both companies were here, neither of them really bothered to identify the source of the problem or to assess the particular situation at my property--it was all about selling me a 'system'. Enter Byron from Masony Waterproofing and Drainage Masters. He was here yesterday, carefully scrutinized every detail of my property, gave me lots of free DIY advice and detailed a few plans of action based on my need should the situation continue once the rain started again. It's been raining all day since Byron's visit and there isn't a drop of water in my basement and he didn't ask me for a penny. He gave me some basic things to try, involving my gutters and exterior drainage situation and it seems his instincts were correct--basic trial and error. Byron generously shared his knowledge and I learned a great deal in the 30 mins. he was here. He is a straight shooter, knows his craft, assimilates knowledge from different fields (so many companies seem just to specialize in either masonry, waterproofing OR drainage) and beams integrity and trustworthiness. I will be directing all of my future drainage business to Masonry Masters, no doubt about it.
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Kimberly K. Avatar
Kimberly K.
Professional, friendly, responsive, and went above and beyond with my project. Wonderful experience.
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Jutta B. Avatar
Jutta B.
Byron was able to schedule an urgent consultation when our basement flooded, and proposed a cost effective solution to divert water away from the house. He educated us against being sold costly dry wells and french drains (which is exactly what the competition tried to do at 10x the price). He was up front and his team got the work done efficiently. Problem solved! The end result looks great and was a great price.
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Maxwell Avatar
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Gregory B. Avatar
Gregory B.
Byron and his team provide exceptional work and a superior level of service.We remodeled our basement space and started with a horrible contractor who created even more water issues than we had to start. Byron came in and looked at the situation and helped us come up with the most cost effective mitigation... and not only was it cost effective, it is a long term water solution.It has been over a year and a half and our water proofing has gone through many seasons of testing and not a drop of water anywhere it wasn't suppose to be.We recently had a minor issue with the sump pump and Rich (Byron's lead guy) came right over and fixed it without a problem. Always a huge relief to see they still support you after everything has been paid for!!!
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Wendy K. Avatar
Wendy K.
Efficient, effective, and friendly service. Highly recommended.
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Ken H. Avatar
Ken H.
2021-April - The heavy rains that hit in January resulted in water seeping along our south basement wall. We called Byron, he came out promptly, reviewed the problem, and we agreed on the scope of work. The guys came out last week, and immediately went to work on both the inside and the outside. They cleaned off old skim coating that was peeling off in places on the inside, and applied a sealant. At the same time, the rest of the crew was digging down to the base of the foundation - all by hand because of access issues. After two long days for the outside crew, the exterior of the foundation was patched, waterproofed, and a vapor barrier installed, and the trench filled in. The guys did a great job cleaning up after the very messy work, and even made sure that the dirt along the side sloped away from the house to help direct future run off. While I hope that we don't need them for any further waterproofing, Masonry Masters would be my first and probably only call if needed. And, I wouldn't hesitate to call them for any other masonry work needed around the house. Excellent company to do business with - professional, thorough and top quality.We had recently purchased an older home in Portland. The sellers had had extensive and expensive repairs done to address seepage that developed after the heavy rains in December 2015. We found seepage to be continuing in May, however. Called a number of well rated firms, all of whom, other than Masonry Masters, proposed their standard solutions, which would remediate but not necessarily resolve the problem. Byron from Masonry Masters came out, said he couldn't make a proposal because he didn't know what the problem was, but made suggestions on how to identify it. We took those steps, found a likely source and let Byron know. Even after that, he suggested a few other things to do to verify if that was the main problem or just part of it. Did the tests, verified, and let Byron know. 2 days later his guys were out, spent most of the day doing the repair work inside and out. They were careful, cleaned up the work area, and were genuinely nice guys, and very professional. This solution was less than 10% of the other "standard solutions". A very professional, very good contractor whom I feel confident will do the rightjob very well and at a fair price.
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Candace C. Avatar
Candace C.
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Jean B. Avatar
Jean B.
This is a great company. Not only did they give us a really good price to waterproof our foundation but the crew that did the work was amazing. They showed up on time, worked hard and did a great job. Most impressive was how clean and tidy their work space was despite digging 8 - 10 down to reach the bottom of our foundation. When they left we couldn't tell that anything had been disturbed! I highly recommend this company.
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Andrew B. Avatar
Andrew B.
Byron and his team were of the utmost professionalism. Their work was impeccable and service even better. Great value and fair pricing. Really can’t say enough about how great of an experience it was having their services. Feels so good to know our water drainage has been taken care of in such a holistic and thorough way. No shortcuts, real deal here and you’d be lucky to have them do any project.
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M F. Avatar
M F.
Byron took time out of his day twice to come by and give me some advice regarding a water issue I was having even though I wouldn't be able to use his service. I wouldn't hesitate to use if I have water issues in the future. such great customer care and service
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Enrique M. Avatar
Enrique M.
Byron was punctual, professional, knowledgeable and honest. He came out to take a look at a couple of cracks in our foundation. He assessed the situation carefully, provided a thorough and accurate diagnosis and offered several simple and effective solutions. We really appreciated his honesty and good will. His price was very reasonable. We'll definitely use them again if needed. I highly recommend him.
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Pacific N. Avatar
Pacific N.
Friendly, professional, skilled, on time, and on budget. Mike and Rich delivered very good results on our foundation repair.
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Lana K. Avatar
Lana K.
We received several bids for the crack in our foundation and the water drainage system in our basement. Two were very expensive - tens of thousand of dollars and required anchors throughout the effected foundation area. Byron with Masonry, Waterproofing and Drainage Masters came out and gave us a quote for the drainage system and a small repair to the cracks with an advice of monitoring them for 6 months to a year. Byron's quote was very reasonable. Naturally, we as the home owners were very confused. Do we need to do a major repair and sink tens of thousands of dollars into it, or do water drainage system and see how things will go? We finally decided to hire an independent engineer who could evaluate our issue and make a recommendation. We paid $500 for the engineer to come out. After her evaluation, she made the same recommendation as Byron. The engineer issued a report and we hired Byron and his crew for the immediate work. They came as scheduled, called the day before to make sure we were still expecting them, were very clean, professional, quick and thorough. We were very pleased to see when they were done by 4 pm the same day. At the end of the day, we had a drainage system in the basement, new sup pump, water evacuation, new vapor barrier and our foundation cracks were filled and crack gages installed to monitor the shift of the foundation (if any) and all for a fraction of the cost we were quoted from the large companies that first came up in google search (due to their advertising expenditures). While there is still a chance that we might have to do a larger foundation repair, by all accounts this chance is very small, as Byron and his crew took care of the problem that caused the foundation shift in the first place. We would highly recommend Masonry, Waterproofing and Drainage Masters LLC for their professionalism, speed, mastery, and affordability.
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