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Dirt underneath crawl space. Crawl Space Repair by Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Crawl Space Contractors

Many homes and businesses don’t have a full basement but instead, are built to rest on top of a crawl space. This area underneath a building is typically a dark and dank area, sometimes harboring elements that can directly affect the quality of the air you breathe. Our crawl space contractors at Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters can fully inspect, diagnose problems, and recommend affordable repairs.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation is a method of placing a vapor barrier over the floor to keep dirt and moisture from infiltrating the area directly under your home or business. The material is typically made of a thick plastic that is both durable and affordable to install. Your crawl space will stay cleaner, and the air will contain less of the dirt, mold, germs, and bacteria that can grow in dark, damp places. The air drawn into the building through the HVAC system will be healthier to breathe. Crawl space encapsulation also reduces the chances of moisture damage to the interior of your home or business.

Types of Crawl Space Repair

Most crawl space areas are compact and you might wonder what types of repairs are necessary. The walls are typically made of concrete, masonry, or stone and our crawl space repair experts are able to fix all types of materials. The interior and exterior walls need to stay in good repair to keep water infiltration at bay. We offer crawl space repair services like:

  • Crack and collapse repair
  • Crawl space ventilation
  • Vapor protection

Interior Wall Repair for Your Crawl Space

The interior walls of your crawl space are an important part of your structure because any damage directly impacts the overall strength of your building. If water flows into your crawl space, your home or business can develop issues with mold and mildew, or even significant water damage. Cracks and collapses could also leave your space structurally unsound, which could lead to a complete floor collapse. If you have cracks or problems with your crawl space interior walls, you should seek immediate and professional help.

Exterior Wall Repair for Your Crawl Space

Cracks can happen along your exterior crawl space walls due to uneven settling, soil erosion, and earthquakes. General deterioration of the exterior walls can happen from weather-related damage, simple aging, or poor construction materials. Problems with exterior crawl space walls can lead to extensive damage to the entire building if left in disrepair. Professionals can help create a customized solution that will not only fix current damage but also prevent long-term issues.

Your Local Crawl Space Repair Experts

Whether your crawl space is cracked or you need waterproofing services, the experts at Masonry Waterproofing and Drainage Masters has you covered! Our specialists have decades of experience serving the Vancouver WA and Portland OR areas. We also understand just how important your crawl space is to the health and safety of your home, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. Call us to get peace of mind that your crawl space is in excellent shape and prepared to withstand the harsh Pacific Northwest weather for years to come.

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Crawl Space Repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas

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