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Pier and beam foundation of a home. Masonry Waterproofing & Drainage Masters provides beam replacement and repair services to Vancouver WA homes with pier and beam foundations.

Pier Replacement and Repair

While modern pier and beam foundations are very stable, older ones constructed of wood can deteriorate over time because of moisture or settling. If you notice your floors are sagging or are uneven, you may need to have your piers or beams replaced. Fortunately, Masonry Waterproofing & Drainage Masters is here to help. We proudly deliver professional beam replacement and repair services.

We’ll replace your existing piers or beams and install additional supports where necessary. We have over 30 years of experience and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do I Need Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs?

Below is a list of common signs you may need to have your beams or piers replaced.

  • Foundation posts getting wet: due to wet conditions or standing water issues in the crawl space. If posts get wet, they should be replaced. Posts that have been subjected to water for extended periods of time lose their strength and are more susceptible to rot issues.
  • Uneven floors, Cracked drywall, sticking doors or Windows: sometimes a few uneven or settled piers in your foundation can cause these issues. Resetting piers and posts at correct heights can sometimes correct these issues.
  • Pest damage: Termites and carpenter ants are wood-destroying pests here in the Pacific Northwest. They can damage your wood beams and piers substantially.
  • Remodeling, or moving of load-bearing walls: Moving load-bearing walls, or placing extremely heavy objects in one area of your home can call for additional piers and posts to support the additional weight.

Pier Replacement and Repair

Today, pier and beam foundations are often constructed of concrete piers and wood foundations but older homes were built using all wood supports, some even used tree stumps. The problem with these all-wood constructed foundations is that they are prone to wood rot and they can crack over time. If the piers or beams have rotted out, they’ll need to be replaced in order to make the home level again. This is not something you want to neglect because foundation issues will only worsen as time goes by. If you believe your home needs pier replacement or repair services, contact us. We’ll get underneath your home and inspect the girder beams, joists, and piers. Then, we’ll let you know how many piers or beams need to be replaced.

What are Some Common Problems with Post and Beam Foundations?

There are several common problems with post and beam foundations, but most often we see the following:

  • Inadequately spaced piers: Piers at a minimum need to be no less than 6 feet apart to properly support a home, and in some cases, should even be closer.
  • Poorly designed piers: We’ve seen everything from a post just stuck in the ground, to pipes wedged between joists and ground, to makeshift brick columns, these are sure signs of a problem that’s been years in the making.
  • Foundations that lack girders: A telltale sign that you might have a girder problem is uneven and wavy floors.

Experts in Beam Replacement and Repair

Here in the Pacific Northwest, pier and beam foundations are very common in homes. But because we experience a lot of rain, these types of foundations are very prone to getting damp, leading to wood rot, mold and mildew — all of which can affect the structural integrity of your foundation.

Whether you need your piers or beams repaired, or you would like to have your foundation inspected, contact Masonry Waterproofing & Drainage Masters. We provide beam replacement and repairs as well as pier replacement and repairs for homeowners in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area. We’ll make the necessary repairs, keeping your foundation strong for years to come. Ask us about out waterproofing solutions!

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Beam Replacement and Repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas

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