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French drain. French Drain Installation by Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Nobody wants to deal with a foundation leak or basement water damage. The best way to help prevent any kind of water damage on your property is to have sufficient drainage. That’s why our team at Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters offers French drain installation services!

Selecting the right drainage contractor is a very important decision. At Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters, we offer foundation, basement, crawl space, and yard drainage solutions that can restore damage sites back to almost new condition, diverting water away from critical areas, but never drying out your yard.

With more than 30 years of experience in French drain systems here in the Pacific Northwest and our unmatched guarantee, we are your local leaders in yard drainage.

What is a French Drain System?

A French drain system is a type of subsurface drain that utilizes a buried perforated pipe installed in a gravel bed with a filter sock surrounding the pipe. A ditch, or series of ditches, is dug to a minimum depth of 28 inches. The ditches can also be excavated to 48 inches or deeper if needed. They are then lined with landscape fabric, to which fabric-wrapped corrugated drainage is added at the bottom. The ditch is then back-filled with drain rock.

How Does a French Drain Work?

French drain systems are often used to protect the foundation of a house from ground and surface water that does not drain properly on its own. French drain systems use the force of gravity, redirecting the water to an area that can support it. Installing a French drain allows the water to move easily through the gravel and away from the problem area. Water from the surrounding soil enters the gravel bed, flows into the drainpipe, and continues out towards the desired discharge point.

This specialized system can both prevent foundation water damage and lawn flooding in certain circumstances. Paired with expert basement waterproofing, you can protect your home from even the rainiest of winters we see in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Yard Drainage Contractors in Portland OR

Yard flooding can occur when the top layer of soil, which contains air, becomes saturated with water. If the area is flat with nowhere to flow, it will stay in one spot for a long time until it can eventually drain. In Portland OR and Vancouver WA, our unique combination of heavy rains and geological composition make French drains an ideal solution for many homeowners.

As expert French drain contractors, Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters have the knowledge and experience it takes to find the proper solution for flooding and drainage issues. We’ve been helping homeowners for over 30 years!

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French Drain Installation in Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas

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