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Many homeowners are shocked to find out that existing water damage to the interior of their home has been caused by the continuous flow of water through basement floors, windows, and walls. Our interior basement waterproofing specialists are experienced with all levels and types of basement water leaks.

What is interior basement waterproofing?

When a basement is experiencing flooding or water leaks, waterproofing services need to be considered. Interior basement waterproofing involves inspection and installation of a barrier, seal, or drainage solution that eliminates the problem. It can involve adding drainage pipes, sealing cracks, and any other method of waterproofing basement walls from inside. It is considered the less expensive process of keeping your basement dry.

Why is waterproofing the basement important?

Allowing water to access your basement is subjecting the interior of your home to the adverse effects of water damage. It can include premature rotting of the wood, mold and mildew struggles, and an unhealthy or unpleasant atmosphere. Moisture that comes through cracks in the basement walls will eventually cause severe deterioration of the concrete. Basement wall failure can cause serious safety issues for your home.

How does waterproofing basement walls from the inside work?

Waterproofing basement walls from the inside involves locating and sealing any cracks in the surface. A durable sealant product can be added to increase moisture protection, creating a barrier that is nearly impossible for water to cross.

Can a drainage system be added to the basement interior?

Homes that are located in areas where the water table is high, or in a designated flood zones, might require the addition of drainage pipes and systems to lead water out of the basement. A trench can be dug that runs alongside the affected area and pipes installed that lead the water outdoors. The trench is then filled with concrete, resulting in a totally dry basement.

Call us at Masonry Waterproofing, and Drainage Masters if you are experiencing continual problems with water entering your basement. We will stop by and inspect the area to determine the source of water intrusion. Our waterproofing experts offer solutions for all locations in the Vancouver WA, and Portland OR areas.

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